"...her carefully detailed interpretation was full of lovely shadings and sensitive atmospheric effects...a stimulating program, superbly executed."—The New York Times

"...Ms. Renzi produced seemingly effortless virtuoso playing that made one gasp at times...especially exciting was her reading of the Ravel, which is the best I've heard on or off records..."—The Evening Star, Washington, D.C.

"Big time playing by a most talented artist, who is a complete master of the instrument and the music she chooses ...extraordinary musicianship...depth of understanding...Everything is well thought out, every note matters, but also in place is the overall arch, the interrelationships of ideas, and a wonderfully banked emotionalism."—The Toledo Blade

"Frances Renzi was astounding in the power and big tone which she lavished on a difficult program...I found her work truly exciting...vivid in imagination."The Scranton Times

"Renzi is a pianist with both fine technique and probing intelligence. Her playing was no less than brilliant."—The Charleston Gazette, Charleston, W. Va.

"...Her technique and insight into the music were impeccable...a first-class performance...In Schumann's Papillons, op. 2, she reached a zenith...the fluttering colors and moods were lovely..."—The Evening Journal, Wilmington, Delaware

"The highlight of the afternoon was Renzi's wonderful reading of Ravel's Gaspard de la Nuit. So in the moment was the reading that at times it felt like the spirit of the ever-elegant Ravel was looking on."—The Toledo Blade

"Frances Renzi is an excellent pianist and a highly qualified musician...I found her work exceptional."—George Balanchine

"Her musical and pianistic gifts are outstanding. She is a first-rate musician and performer...she is an artist."—Beveridge Webster


"Your playing is truly remarkable; accurate, glittering, and, when required velvety and song-like. I feel honored to be on your

CD, especially with my old friends. George Perle and Vincent Persichetti."—Ned Rorem

" It was a real pleasure for me to hear my music played with such understanding, and without any coaching from me, by a pianist with the means to cope with its formidable technical demands."—George Perle